Ally’s Kitchen

Ally's Kitchen: A Passport for Adventurous PalatesTitle: Ally’s Kitchen
Author: Alice Phillips
Publisher: Front Table Books
ISBN: 978-1-4621-1546-4

“When you discover the true virtues of dining ~ creating a mood, styling the food, pushing your culinary boundaries, spending leisurely time at the table, savoring each bite, and engaging with others ~ it brings a magical ‘dining quality of life’ into your life,” Alice Phillips writes in the introduction to her cookbook, Ally’s Kitchen: A Passport for Adventurous Palates.

At two hundred pages and forty pages, this hardbound targets those interested food recipes made from around the world. With a quarter to full-page, full-color photographs that cover three-fourths of the complete meals, there are one hundred and twenty recipes.

Author Phillips is a world-traveler dedicated to finding unique and tasty dishes from exotic places. Loving new experiences in flavor and spices, she enjoys blending eclectic ingredients in her food creations gleaned from around the globe.

After acknowledgments, a foreword, and introduction, the book is divided into eight chapters that contain fifteen dishes each, ending with a recipe index, author’s note, and sources. There are no listings of concoctions at the beginning of each chapter for easy-to-look-up reference by region.

Beginning the first chapter with the writer’s “boholicious” sauces and spice mixtures, followed are color-coded themes of European, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, African, Asian, Caribbean, and Side Trip Escapades concoctions.

Each recipe has a description mentioning where it was procured and its special taste or inspiration. A list of ingredients is given usually on the right side of the page while instructions in paragraph format are on the opposite side. A small colored circle offers the serving size, but there is no total preparation time or nutritional/caloric information. The bottom of the page provides suggestions, alternatives, or display options.

Occasionally promoting Dole branded products along with every-day spices, mouth-watering examples include harissa from Tunisia, French-inspired beef roast, white Tuscan beans with eggplant, mezze fruit tabbouleh from Israel, African makai paka, Korean short ribs, bluchetta with balsamic from the Caribbean, and syrniki with blueberries from Russia.

Although there is no pattern to breakfast, lunch, dinner, or desserts with the chapters, there are plenty of flavorful and interesting recipes to make and taste that will delight guests.

Ally’s book will fill the kitchen with many interesting and wild recipes that will entertain the eater’s senses, especially taste, smell, touch, and vision.

Thanks to Cedar Fort and the author for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review of the reader’s honest opinion.

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6 responses to “Ally’s Kitchen

  1. Conny! Thank you for this beautiful review…I felt like I was reading about someone else, then I said, ‘Hey, that’s my cookbook!’ Very thorough…I especially liked that you noted that there were no separate categories for breakfast, salads, sides, etc. Yes, this cookbook is about boholicious flavors that span then entire day and that just might be eaten at any time of the day! It’s so nice to meet you, and I’m honored that you’ve taken time to explore and ride w/me sharing adventurous palates! ~peace & nameste~ ally

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  3. You really do your homework, Conny! I like how you review more than just the stories and recipes. Very thorough. Thank you!

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