Chance of Loving You

Chance of Loving YouTitle: Chance of Loving You
Authors: Terri Blackstock, Candace Calvert, and Susan May Warren
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-4964-0537-1

Chance of Loving You is a romance collection of three novellas by well-known Christian writers. With no profanity, violence, or overly sexual content, the three hundred and eighty-four page paperback targets mostly adult women who enjoy reading about clean, romantic relationships. Each tale ends with a food recipe, the author’s biography, and a list of other books written by the author.

“For Love of Money” by Terri Blackstock:

“I liked you. But you know what they say. You never know a person until you’ve shared a sweepstakes ticket with him,” explains a waitress when she learns she will split millions of dollars with a customer.

After Blake loses his business, he spends three hours eating at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day, enamored by the beautiful Julie who dreams of being a fashion designer. With no money left over to pay his bill, Blake gives the waitress half of his sweepstakes ticket.

When the two realize they will be splitting twenty-million dollars, they question the other’s motives and actions, wondering if their romantic attraction to each other is due to the newly-found money or God’s doing.

“The Recipe” by Candace Calvert

“I’ve been a little slow at finding my calling. And now all of it – the contest, my birthday, the tenth anniversary of losing her, and that dessert – feels like it was all supposed to happen. Like God had a hand in it,” the protagonist confides to Rosalynn’s grandson.

Unsure of what to do next, twenty-six year old Aimee enjoys her dietary assistant job but is seeking something more out of life when she enters a Valentine Bake-Off. When she meets an elderly woman’s grandson, Lucas, she questions what is important in life.

Lucas, a crime scene photographer, worries about his grandmother aging. With Aimee’s culinary treats, not only does he notice his grandmother eating, but maybe also Aimee’s creativity and concern make the perfect recipe for romance.

“Hook, Line & Sinker” by Susan May Warren

“Around Ross she didn’t need the academic accolades to feel special, didn’t have to carry a book like a portable friend. Around Ross, she didn’t feel like an afterthought. In fact, she believed that perhaps she’d been Ross’s main thought,” the grieving girl admits about her friend since high school.

Three years older than Ross, Abigail still hurts from the pain and sadness caused when his brother Scotty was killed, and she realized she never loved the older sibling. As both rivalries compete in a fishing contest in Deep Haven, Minnesota, they are forced to deal the painful past.

Abby, working on her doctorate in Greek, knows in her heart who she loved, but Ross continues to morph into the brother’s shoes of leading the New Life group that needs revitalizing. As the two realize God continues to have them cross paths, they must find peace knowing they still care deeply for each other.

As three quick reads, each story is the journey of a woman struggling in her relationship to God and the opposite sex. While the outcomes are predictable, the sweet romantic tales are engaging.

Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s opinions.

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