Go Ahead & Like It

Title: Go Ahead & Like It
Author: Jacqueline Suskin
Photographer: Shelby Duncan
Illustrator: Erielle Laniewski
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
ISBN: 978-1-60774-877-9

“At the top of the page write I like: Then, jot down the first thing that comes to mind. If you can’t think of anything just look around. Find something in this very moment that delights you,” Jacqueline Suskin instructs in her book, Go Ahead & Like It.

This seventy-two page hardbound targets those who enjoy writing lists and yearning to know how this writer thinks.  After an introduction, eight chapters cover the topic of writing lists, followed by a conclusion, acknowledgments, your list, and the author’s biography.

Author of two books, Suskin is a writer,  performance poet, and artist in Los Angeles, California. Typing poems on demand at a Hollywood farmer’s market, she prompts readers to keep track of things they like. Photographer Duncan’s colored work cover complete pages while illustrator Laniewski’s drawings are simplistic in black ink or pencil.

More of a collection of the writer’s personal lists of likes, the chapters inspire others to start writing lists. Typed or handwritten with often hard-to-decipher letter “t”s, the viewer cannot tell the division of chapters as lists are blended with suggestions and instructions.

Chapters include how to write a list, focusing on when and why, tedious situations, dry spells of melancholy, notes and mail, a memory exercise, parlor game versus party trick, and digging deeper into one’s personality and past to find appreciation and gratitude. All include many of the writer’s thoughts.

Whether written on a sheet of lined notebook paper, typed out on stock card, or scribbled on a stick-em note that is photographed and displayed nicely on the pages, the author adds lists of three to dozens of items. Reminded to keep the records gathered over the years, one can look back and see their moods, favorites, and changes in attitudes.

From photographs of a red El Camino and traffic to brown shoes or eating with friends, the eclectic inventories may mean a lot to the Suskin but little to others. With only one page at the end of the book for the reader’s list, the book is more of a collection of the author’s personal lists with the added idea that others should write lists too.

Thanks to Blogging for Books for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinion.

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