The Bunny Side of Easter

The Bunny Side of EasterTitle: The Bunny Side of Easter
Author: Linda W. Rooks
Illustrator: Marilee Harrald-Pilz
Publisher: Papas Press
ISBN: 978-1-62480-090-0

“Hal, you are Hallelujah Bunny, a good name indeed. You’ll be the Easter Bunny, it’s now decreed. You loved someone else better than yourself. Instead of running away, you put your fears to stay and pray,” Hal is told in Linda W. Rooks’s children’s book, The Bunny Side of Easter.

At forty-eight pages, this oversized hardbound book targets children ages three to eight years old, especially those interested in the concept of the Easter Bunny. With no profanity, the scary depictions of a fierce tiger may frighten some young children.

Author of two books, Linda Rooks is a grandmother to five and has had several articles in well-known Christian publications. As a guest on television and radio talk shows, she promotes her love for God through her writings. Illustrator Harrald-Pilz has been producing her artworks for twenty-five years in pen, pencil, ink, and watercolor. Her fanciful, colorful designs are easy to understand and expressive.

After a note to parents and grandparents, the story begins with a boy named Christian, who thinks he is good at nothing but wishes he was a hero. When his cousin and he talk to Nana, she tells them a story about a rabbit called Hal who became the Easter Bunny.

One day when Hal is eating carrots from Farmer Flannigan’s carrot patch, he is chased away and gets lost in a forest. The frightened rabbit hears someone crying and meets a duck named Dasper, a young angel called Audrey, and Madeline the monkey who is stuck in a tree. After Audrey rescues the crying Madeline, the angel is so exhausted she collapses.

When a tiger approaches, Hal has to make a choice to either flee or lay down his life for his angel friend. A grown-up angel appears and states God was not too busy to protect them. In the end, Hal is given the title of the Easter Bunny and flies off to the moon with the two angels. The final two pages mention how one can see a rabbit shape on the moon and a website that explains the significance of Easter.

With no plan of eternal salvation or mention of Jesus in the true story of Easter, this book might be a starting point for a child to understand there is a loving God and search the Bible for meaningful answers.

Thanks to The Book Club Network and Papa’s Press for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s opinion.

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2 responses to “The Bunny Side of Easter

  1. Jackie McNutt

    Conny, Thank you for the review. I was curious about this book as I missed it on TBCN.

    • Only a few copies were given on TBCN. My Conny’s Cubbies article in their June magazine will hopefully be on this book so that is why I got a chance to read/review it.

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