Devotions from the Garden

Title: Devotions from the Garden
With: Miriam Drennan
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 978-0-7180-3050-6

“These ninety devotions connect the parallels of life with the wondrous, sometimes inexplicable realms of the garden to usher you into His presence, to soothe your soul, and to rest in knowing He is with you throughout each day,” Miriam Drennan writes in her book, Devotions from the Garden: Finding Peace and Rest from Your Hurried Life.

At two hundred and twenty-four pages, this hardbound targets Christian women who are seeking a Biblical devotional about finding God and His creation in something as simplistic yet beautiful as a garden.

Using mainly the New International Version of the Holy Bible, other translations such as the New King James Version, New Century Version, The Living Bible, New Living Translation, and the English Standard Version are noted. A secured ribbon is included for marking a page.

Both on the front cover and within its pages are gorgeous half-page to two-page full-color photographs of gardens. Up close or scenic, the stunning illustrations easily captivate the readers’ eyes.

With no fluff of introduction, end notes, or the author’s biography, a three page table of contents lists numerically ninety topics related to gardening. Usually covering two pages each, the topic’s title is on the top left page followed by one to three written out Bible verses. Several paragraphs follow, ending with a prayer to God on the opposite page.

The themes cover a myriad of concepts from perennials, almanacs, sowing, crop rotation, seed cleaning, grafting, root rot, rainy days, honeybees, zinnias, composting, netting, rain, first fruits, and soil. All correlate the subjects to our relationship with the Almighty and His abundant grace.

One example would be “God’s Timing” that lists Lamentations 3:25-26 about waiting quietly for the Lord. Discussing how a gardener often buys and plants before the season is in full swing, the plants often die due to impatience on the planter’s part. When we recognize God has His timing in everything, we can learn patience and trust Him for guidance. The prayer reminds us to ask God for faith and courage to wait for His perfect timing. A photograph of a weathered bench near blooming dahlias complete the devotional.

For those that love to garden or look at God’s beauty through flowers, trees, and insects, this would make a lovely gift to keep in a guest room, sun room, or patio garden setting.

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3 responses to “Devotions from the Garden

  1. Unique! Love the theme. 🙂

  2. conniepsaunders

    Your review makes me want to buy this! I love gardening and I often experience my deepest communication with God when I am “digging in the dirt” or viewing His handiwork.
    Connie Saunders

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