Finger Foods

Finger Foods: Elegant Treats and Bite-Sized Eats for Every OccasionTitle: Finger Foods
Author: Joyce Tanner Whiting
Publisher: Front Table Books
ISBN: 978-1-4621-1526-6

“Scrumptious, sensational, and delicious – finger foods are the perfect way to impress your guests at parties, receptions, and more! And it’s oh, so easy! With this fun collection of delicious recipes to try, you’ll want to find any excuse to celebrate!” the back jacket states in Joyce Tanner Whiting’s cookbook, Finger Foods: Elegant Treats and Bite-Sized Eats for Every Occasion.

At two hundred and twenty-four pages, this paperback targets those interested food recipes to make for entertaining. With quarter-to-full page colored photographs of approximately half of the completed dishes, there are over two hundred listings in the three page index. The author’s biography concludes the book.

With no introduction but a table of contents stating chapters, the book covers recipes for beverages, meats and sandwiches, cheese, fruits and vegetables, sweets, themed celebrations, and basics.

From one to three recipes covering one to four pages, the concoctions have a red title at the top of the page, sometimes including a sentence or two about its uniqueness. Ingredients are listed in order of use, followed by simplistic numerical instructions. Serving size is added in a different font; there are no preparation times or caloric information.

Geared toward easy entertaining, there are five beverages such as Orange Lemonade Twist and Hot Buttered Cider. Thirty-one recipes with many variations cover meats and sandwiches such as Cashew Chicken Rolls, Posh Piglets, Reuben Sandwiches, and Bacon-Cheese Bruschetta. The seven cheese recipes include tips as well as Cheese Bowls and Calico Party Mold. A dozen fruits and vegetable ideas with options range from Veggies on a Pick to a Caramel Apple Ring. The listings of forty-three desserts fill the gambit of cakes, cinnamon rolls, blitzes, cannoli, tassies, shortcakes, ganache, tarts, bombes, cheesecakes, cookies, brownies, and bars.

The chapter on themed celebrations has sample menus for buffets and bars of crepes, hot chocolate, and mashed potatoes and pastas. The final section titled Basics covers an eclectic mix of dips, breads, rolls, pastry shells, custard, and cakes as well as cooking with chicken, whole steak and beef chunk methods, and finishing touches.

Having no dish listings at the beginning to find quickly and with no total preparation times or nutritional information, this is a nice collection of menu items that can be made for either a casual get-together or elegant entertaining.

Thanks to Cedar Fort for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review of the reader’s honest opinion.

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  1. conniepsaunders

    It’s always nice to have different dishes to prepare. Thanks Conny!

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