Title: Crossroads
Author: Cathy Bryant
Publisher: WordVessel Press
ISBN: 978-1-941699-05-8

“How could she connect with the loving God Carter believed in – one whose existence she’d denied? And would she look like a total hypocrite if she even tried?” Mara ponders in Cathy Bryant’s novel, Crossroads.

Sixth in the Miller’s Creek series, this three hundred and seventy-two page paperback targets those who enjoy Christian contemporary romance. With no profanity, the topics of divorce, bulimia, and a life threatening illness may not be appropriate for immature readers. This reader wishes there was consistency capitalizing all pronouns of God for reverence.

Author Bryant has won several awards writing her Texas-based romance series. Married over thirty-five years and living in New Mexico, she also has written devotionals and a Bible study booklet.

In this stand-alone story, realtor Mara Hedwig has tried to move on from the past by settling down with her five-year old daughter in the small fictional Texan town of Miller’s Creek. Raised by a hell-fire-and-brimstone preacher, Mara has turned away from God due to a combination of her father’s legalism and a bitter divorce.

Policeman Carter Callahan has demons of his own as an ex-military man who did two overseas tours. Now that he is responsible for his teenage daughter, he is at a loss on how to be a good parent. He prays God will intervene as he deals with her rebellion.

Contacting Mara to find a new residence, Carter wonders why Mara is so caustic and bitter, wanting nothing to do with God. As the two search for the ideal house for Carter and his daughter, they develop a bantering but fragile friendship. Believing he should not fall in love with an unbeliever, he is torn on how to interact with her.

When Mara’s daughter, Ashton, has a rebound of leukemia, Carter prays as he tries to protect them. Dealing with his daughter’s personal issues, Carter must find solace in God while Mara learns God forgives and has always been there for her.

Even though the ending is predictable and Ashton’s vocabulary is rather mature for her young age, this tender story shows how prayer is important when trying to follow God’s will. Knowing a marriage should not be unequally yoked, it explains how relying on God not only shows His direction, but He always loves us and is in control.

Thanks to the author for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinions.

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