F.I.T.: Faith Inspired Transformation

F.I.T.: Faith Inspired TransformationTitle: F.I.T.: Faith Inspired Transformation
Author: Kim Dolan Leto
Publisher: Fedd Books
ISBN: 978-0-9907044-0-9

“Love yourself enough to break free from dieting. Rely on God’s power, not will power, and trade temporary fixes for a healthy and permanent Faith Inspired Transformation,” Kim Dolan Leto writes in her book, F.I.T.: Faith Inspired Transformation – Healthy, Happy & Fit God’s Way.

At one hundred and thirty-four pages, this paperback targets those wanting to lose weight and eat healthily by focusing on God and their relationship to Him. Mainly for women, the book could be used by men also. Using the New International Version of the Bible, the ESV, NASB, and NLT are also referenced.

Fitness expert, writer, and speaker, author Leto promotes relying on God as she challenges women to experience a spiritual and physical transformation in their lives. She lives in Arizona with her husband and three children.

After an introduction, there are ten chapters devoted to relying on the Almighty for strength and support while getting healthy both physically and spiritually. The end of the book includes notes and an advertisement for her DVD series.

From ten to twenty-four pages, each chapter discusses a topic related to healthy living. Teal colored insert boxes of reminders and suggestions as well as written out Bible verses are spread throughout the glossy pages. The chapters end with a fill-in-the-blank reflection questions and strategies gleaned.

Promoting to think about what you can eat and not what you should not, Leto recommends to stop dieting, renew your mind, make a daily commitment to reading the Bible, exercise, set goals, eat God-made foods, choose self-control, find joy in every situation, overcome setbacks, and celebrate every victory in Christ.

By trading bad habits of fear, guilt, shame, worry, stress, comparison, and confusion, one can get strong with “Godfidence,” eliminate the “Buts,” become accountable, and be content in any state.

The book offers a weekly Power Hour, lists of healthy protein, carbohydrates, and fat choices, hand quantity measurements, a what to eat and not eat chart, and suggested breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sack meals. Very few food recipes are given with no photographs of completed dishes.

By pausing, praying, being mindful of portion, practicing eating slowly, and planning ahead, one can not only become fit, she can develop a closer relationship with God.

Often mentioning her personal experiences and commitment to getting fit at age thirty, the writer offers sound solutions to trusting God for help, support, and guidance to readers on their journey to improved health.

Thanks to Shelton Interactive for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review of the reader’s honest opinion.

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