Deadly Echoes

Deadly Echoes (Finding Sanctuary Book #2)Title: Deadly Echoes
Author: Nancy Mehl
Publisher: Bethany House
ISBN: 978-0-7642-1158-4

“You were never second to Hannah. You were framed by me to be my special, unique, and blessed daughter. When will you trust me?” Sarah hears in Nancy Mehl’s novel, Deadly Echoes.

Second in the Finding Sanctuary series, this three hundred and thirty-seven page story targets those who enjoy romantic suspense with a Christian influence. The book includes acknowledgments, the author’s biography, and advertisements for other books by the publisher. This reader wishes there was consistency in capitalizing pronouns of God for reverence.

Author Mehl has written over twenty books, one receiving the 2009 ACFW Mystery Book of the Year Award. With a background in social work, she lives in Missouri with her husband and dog.

In this current-day tale set in the rural, mostly-Mennonite town of Sanctuary, Missouri, twenty-six-year-old Sarah Miller has tried to forget her past having witnessed her parents’ murders two decades ago. Learning her older sibling was recently killed in an eerily similar manner, she questions if she should delve into the past and ask authorities to reopen the closed case.

Now in charge of her ten-year-old niece, Sarah befriends local Deputy Sheriff Paul Gleason, who wants to help her find her parents and sister’s killer, knowing there is a link between the murders. As Paul and Sarah’s attraction toward each other grows, the naïve and oblivious woman wonders if there is room in her heart to be loved. Struggling to play the role of a parent, the Christian school teacher must learn to set rules and boundaries with her new responsibility. With the help of a police captain and a retired detective, Sarah’s gullibility and support system are tested.

Although predictable, this story written in first person shows how an insecure woman who never thought she was pretty or good enough could have the attention of someone who possibly cares for her. With little romantic overtones that never come to fruition, the focus on tracking down her family’s killer shows her where God wants her to be.

Thanks to The Book Club Network for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinions.

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  1. Reblogged this on faithdp24 and commented:
    This book does sound pretty interesting to me as I really like suspense stories. I’m sorry though to hear that the romance never really develops well.

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