Little Bunny’s Bible

Little Bunny's BibleTitle: Little Bunny’s Bible
Author: P.J. Lyons
Illustrator: Melanie Mitchell
Publisher: ZonderKidz
ISBN: 978-0-310-74444-3

“Jesus loved with arms out wide
When on the cross he hung and died.
He was buried in a cave.
Three days later at the grave,
Angels told his friends, “Don’t fear.
Jesus lives: he isn’t here.”
Then Christ opened heaven’s door,
Where he lives forevermore.”
P.J. Lyons writes in her children’s book, Little Bunny’s Bible.

This sixteen-page board book targets two to five-year-old children who enjoy stories about the Bible. With no extremely scary or violent scenes, it would best be read out loud to beginner readers due to some complicated wording. This reviewer wishes all pronouns of God were capitalized for reverence.

Author Lyons has written two other children’s Bible books and currently lives in Michigan. Illustrator Mitchell’s full-page colorful drawings cover every right side of the opened pages, with happy facial expressions that will capture a child’s interest. A simplistic black font is on the left side of the page with a gray bunny drawing at the bottom.

The first thing a reader notices is the soft fabric cover portraying a large furry bunny on the front of it. The book includes an easy-to-open clear plastic snap pouch for protection with a cardboard insertion mentioning its contents.

Inside, the left sides of the pages contain the stories’ titles with Bible verses listed underneath. Eight rhyming lines are stated, which may be confusing to some young readers. The engaging illustration is on the opposite page.

Containing eight stories from the Bible, there are four each from the Old and New Testaments. They include creation, Noah, Daniel, Jonah, Jesus’s birth, the lost lamb, Jesus’s feeding the people, and His death and resurrection. Daniel’s lions look contented and tame while Jonah’s sea trip has great fish with a smile on its face. There is no depiction of Christ on the cross, but an angel telling others of His resurrection.

Although the book lacks the eternal plan of salvation or why Jesus had to die on the cross for our sins, it does promote several of the key stories of the Holy Bible.  Young ones may want to cuddle with the soft bunny-clad book and need to be prompted learn the important stories inside that have little to do with the furry animal.

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