Weird & Wonderful Creations

Title: Weird & Wonderful Creations
Publisher: Zonderkidz
ISBN: 978-0-310-73124-5

“God made everything. It is all good. He made the big, strong eagle and the squeaky, scary-looking bat!” announces Zonderkidz’s children’s book, Weird & Wonderful Creations.

Part of the Made by God series, this numbered one hundred and twenty-eight page over-sized square hardbound targets children four to eight years old interested in knowing about God’s creations. Containing no scary scenes except for those of spiders or snakes that may bother some children, its reading level is for developing readers. Due to complicated wording, it may be best read out loud to young children.

Combining four books into one, each flows into the next, ending with a list of other books in the series as well as those in a nature series. With small to large colored photographs by Shutterstock, bright sidebars of interesting tidbits overlap orange panels on the outer section of each page.

Covering four to five specimens over thirty pages each, the first section is on spiders, snakes, bees, and bats while the second division has big and little bugs. The third involves sea creatures while the last part is about poisonous, smelly, and amazing plants. A two-page index completes the book.

Giving God the glory for making all creatures, one can learn about spiders, which are not insects but animals called arachnids. With over three hundred thousand kinds, none can be found in Antarctica and they do not have antennae.

Check out the butterflies that fly up to two thousand miles to find a warm environmnet, often hanging upside down at night. With over eighteen thousand types, they live six to eight months in groups called flutters.

Do not forget to read about the sea turtles as there are seven kinds, living to eighty years or more. The male stays in water his entire life while a female lays fifty to one hundred eggs in the sand.

A unique plant is the poisonous fly agaric which is one of fourteen thousand species of mushrooms. Being red with white polka dots, it grows mainly in the northern half of the earth.

Learning about these animals, insects, and plants will perk interest in young ones that God has a creative sense of humor as He has made so many different things to observe. Touting over two hundred facts, this is a good source for a book report or an educational tool to understand God’s special creations.

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  1. Now that’s some interesting facts 🙂

  2. Great for enquiring minds! 🙂

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