Spreading Joy Daily

sjdaily-frontTitle: Spreading Joy Daily
Author: Marie Wikle
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1-467997744

“As you waltz your way through this month, your mind will start thinking of all the choices you have to make a difference. An entire year of joyfulness awaits you,” Marie Wilke writes in her joyful book, Spreading Joy Daily.

At one hundred and thirty-two pages, this paperback targets those wanting a daily devotional that promotes spreading joy to others. With no particular religious affiliation except to occasionally mention Christianity, it suggests ways to make others smile or have a better day.

Broken down by month, there are three hundred and sixty-five short, one paragraph tasks for each day of the year. Listing every date on the calendar, each month ends with “Nuggets of Joy” quoted sayings. The last few pages include what a hug means, a thank you to pass on to others, how anyone can make a difference, a poem about wishing, a resolution challenge, and thank you from the author. Also included in some books are a dozen business cards by Spreading Joy Corporation to be handed out when “paying it forward” to others.

Here are a few random short examples of acts of spreading joy to others in our lives:

January 23 – Sweet Treats for Sweet People
Honey – I love those buns! Honey buns that is! Get a box of your favorite honey buns and share.

April 23 – Feeding Frenzy
Feed the meters! Go for it, have fun and make a difference.

July 23 – A Little Click Helps a Lot
Click on Ads when visiting web sites. – You are already there reading & the owner of the site makes some money off each click, so why not?

December 23 – The Non-Starving Artist
Display your child’s art on Flickr or Facebook. Why stop at the fridge? Show off your child’s handy work for the entire world to see!

Here are a few Nuggets of Joy (#nugettsofJOY):
Don’t just look for the writing on the wall, listen for the whisper. ~ Marie Wilke
Change is inevitable, growth is intentional. ~ Glenda Cloud
Joy is very infectious; therefore, be always full of joy. ~ Mother Teresa

Although many of the suggestions or concepts in the book are banal, trite, or everyday occurrences, Wilke reminds us that by spreading joy, we can motivate those discouraged, make someone smile, and increase awareness of being positive. Meant to be used to empower children, discussed in a group setting, or as a personal thirty-day guide book, one can easily learn to makea difference.

Thanks to the author for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s opinions.

This review will be posted on Bookpleasures and Amazon with links on Bookfun.org, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

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