Strangers on the High Seas

Strangers On The High SeasTitle: Strangers on the High Seas
Author: Carole P. Roman
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1480177222

“I can’t take my eyes off you because you’re such a baby! You don’t know the first thing about being on a ship,” Captain No Beard reprimands Cayla in Carole P. Roman’s children’s story, Strangers on the High Seas.

Part of “A Captain No Beard Story” series, this thirty-two page square paperback is targeted toward preschool to early elementary school children and readers who like pirate stories. With no profanity, scary scenes, or violence, the book would best be read to beginner readers based on some of the more complicated words and lengthy reading. The fun, colorful illustrations are easy to decipher and cover one side of the page with a nicely sized font wording on the other.

This continuing tome includes a boy named Alexander and his cousin, Hallie, who pretend they are on their pirate ship called The Flying Dragon. This time a new crew member is onboard: Cabin Girl Cayla, a baby whom Alexander must keep an eye on, even on his ship.

When the crew is out to sea, Mongo the monkey spies a dark ship on the horizon. Captain No Beard and Hallie have never seen the boat before, but Polly the parrot knows the boat is The Shark Bait, captained by Barnabas, the scurvy dog. Linus the lion pipes in the first mate is Crab Cakes as the boat gets closer.

Knowing not to talk to strangers or approach animals without permission, Captain No Beard decides to speed away. With the crew’s help, especially Cayla’s, The Shark Bait cannot catch them due to a certain smell. Instantly transported back to his bedroom, Alexander calls his mom to report to the “poop” deck.

Although a rather strange ending about dirty diapers “saving the crew,” the book offers a fantasy of fun while teaching not to talk to strangers, being responsible for others, and learning a few nautical terms. Children will enjoy looking at the colorful, expressive designs, but they may avoid changing any diapers in the future.

Thanks to the author for furnishing this book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinion.

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