52 Reasons to Believe – Concise Thoughts on the Christian Faith

Title: 52 Reasons to Believe: Concise Thoughts on the Christian Faith
Author: Gregg Peter Farah
Publisher: Carpenter’s Son Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9849772-4-6

“Confront your questions, disarm your doubt, and strengthen your spiritual life. This book won’t provide all the answers, but it will give you concise thoughts on the Christian Faith …” Gregg Peter Farah states in his book, 52 Reasons to Believe: Concise Thoughts on the Christian Faith.

This two hundred and forty page paperback book is targeted toward Christians looking for confirmation that the Bible is true and the Trinity is real. Using mainly the New International Version, the King James is also noted. This series’ book is divided into four sections on the Bible, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. After curriculum ideas, a lesson template, and notes at the end of the book, another book in the series is promoted.

Similar to previous books about fifty-two topic ideas, this one focuses on twenty evidences that the Bible is true, twelve descriptions of God, thirteen characteristics of Jesus, and seven traits of the Holy Spirit.

Under each topic that covers four to five pages, the author writes several paragraphs including Biblical foundation, past world history, or current event correlations. There is a key quote from a famous author, writer, or pastor followed by a DYK – did you know – tidbit. The Link to Your Life applies the topic to the reader’s relationship to God. There is a small discussion, a key Bible verse, and a short prayer with room to add a personal thought.

For example: Reason # 21 is “God is … MORE Than You Can IMAGINE,” stating several of both Old and New Testament names of the Almighty. The quote is from D.M. Lloyd-Jones about desiring to know God. DYK explains how Yahweh was so sacred, it was not pronounced; the term Adonai was usually substituted until the sixth century when vowels were combined with consonants producing Jehovah. Linking to our lives, we need to know God as all powerful. In small groups, we should take time to thank Him. The key verse is from Isaiah 42:8 and the prayer is about God being wherever we go.

Although pronouns of Deity are sporadically capitalized, this is a helpful tool for a new believer or one who wants to hone in on a stronger, more solid belief in the Bible, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

This book was furnished by The Book Club Network Inc. in exchange for the reader’s honest opinion.

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