A Christmas Gift for Rose

Title: A Christmas Gift for Rose
Author: Tricia Goyer
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 978-0-310-33678-5

“She doubted he’d even come see her. Why would he? She’d stated plainly that things were over between them. After all, how could she give her heart fully to someone who promised her a good Amish life and then turned to the world? The Second World War had taken so much from their country – from their community. But Rose felt it was a personal attack on her. On her dreams. On her future,” Tricia Goyer writes in her short novel, A Christmas Gift for Rose.

At one hundred and ninety-two pages, this small hardbound book based on a true story is targeted toward readers who love Amish stories of pure romance and family relationships. With no profanity, overtly sexual scenes, or extreme violence, it includes the author’s notes, nine group discussion questions, and acknowledgements along with promotions of two of the thirty-five other books penned by the author.

Living on an Amish farm in Berlin, Ohio, during World War Two, Rose always felt she was a different and did not fit in among her community no matter what her dat and mem told her. Being betrothed to Jonathan and planning an Amish wedding was all she ever wanted.

When Jonathan leaves the community to join the Englisch as a medic in the war, she ends the relationship due to his lack of commitment to the Amish ways, but she knows deep inside how she truly feels about him. After returning from the war, the determined Jonathan still wants her love and respect but feels he has lost her approval and her heart.

Still at odds with one another romantically, Rose learns about her true Englisch past and has self-doubt by feeling shunned in their society, similar to how she thinks Jonathan feels being involved in the war. She feels lost, alone, and abandoned, convinced that leaving her Amish roots will help her find her true identity.

With the help of those who love her dearly, Rose must trust God to show her the way, hoping and praying that the path will include Jonathan in the future. Although very predictable, the tome would be enjoyed by young teenage girls who like a clean, romantic story that has a few twists and turns.

This book was furnished by Tyndale House as a free gift without requirement of the reader’s review.

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