Indebted [eBook Download]Title: Indebted
Author: Braxton DeGarmo
Publisher: Christen Haus Publishing
ISBN: 978-1481857192

“I’m indebted forever to one man, a man who risked a lot to help me escape my miserable childhood home and alcoholic father,” one of Braxton DeGarmo’s characters explains in his novel, Indebted.

At three hundred and ninety-one pages, this paperback book is the author’s second publication. Targeted as a Christian-based suspense story, unfortunately there is mild profanity along with discussions of alcohol abuse, sex and murder that may offend some mature Christian adult readers. The book includes a dedication, table of contents, acknowledgements and author biography.

This tome reverts back to the year nineteen sixty-nine in a small poor Appalachian town in North Carolina where Alice Cummings is eighteen years old, having given birth two weeks ago to a little boy after his father has left for Vietnam. When the unwed mother wakes up one morning, the baby, crib and all the infant’s possessions have vanished, removed by her angry, alcoholic father who refuses to tell Alice where her son went. As her father spreads lies about mother and child, she furiously leaves the home she was born and raised in to search for her son’s whereabouts. Through trials, tribulations and tests, she learns the hard way how to survive and fend for herself.

Forty years later, famous author of mystery novels, Myra Mitchell, is luxuriously living in California and has had too much to drink once again as she reflects on her past. Unsure she can dredge up one last great novel, she hits the bottle more often than she should, especially now that she knows something is obviously wrong with her.

When a dear trustworthy friend of decades introduces her to Alexia, a young USC student starting a doctorate in literature and creative writing, she warily accepts her to help with her book research. As the two women work toward gathering information for Myra’s next novel by traveling throughout the country, they start concentrating on an artist/writer of a famous cartoon series who abruptly stopped producing years ago.

Switching back and forth between time periods with page-turning twists and turns, the reader can connect the dots if observant of the clues hidden in the storyline. Between the plethora of well-described characters, questions asked are if Alice ever finds her son, if Myra can uncover the past with Alexia’s help and, most importantly, will the famed writer ultimately understand that God is in control of her life, keeping her safe while exposing her own deepest secrets.

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