Dr. Salerno’s Silver Cloud Diet

Title: Dr. Salerno’s Silver Cloud Diet
Author: Dr. John P. Salerno
Publisher: Madison Lexington Books
ISBN: 978-0-615-41549-9

“The Silver Cloud Diet is a proactive approach to nutrition based on a high protein, high natural fat, low-carbohydrate, low-glycemic diet, fortified with nutritional supplements targeted to strengthen your immune system, reduce inflammation, and destroy free radicals that cause dangerous oxidization,” Dr. John P. Salerno writes in his book, Dr. Salerno’s Silver Cloud Diet – The Sustainable Diet for the 21st Century.

This one hundred and eighty page thin paperback book is written by Salerno, who is an international medical expert with notes by award-winning cookbook author Linda West Eckhardt and endorsed by actress Suzanne Somers. Targeted toward people who want to lose weight by cutting back carbohydrates, it may be helpful for those who have diabetes and are looking for a permanent way of eating natural fat and nutrient-dense food.

Although there is no visual division of chapters, the book is broken down into five sections that include an explanation of the diet, health issues, two stages of the plan and an index with a USDA testimony about the food pyramid.

With over sixty five percent of Americans overweight and diabetes an epidemic in the United States, Salerno states there are more than one hundred thousand chemicals in regular use with infants being born with over three hundred in their blood. The American Medical Association now reports that seventy three percent of diseases are related to nutrition.Salerno, who worked years under the famous Dr. Robert Atkins and his low-carb, high fat diet, has taken the next step of promoting natural fats through organic and real unprocessed foods along with bio-identical hormone replacement and nutritional supplements.

About half of the book discusses illnesses such as obesity, dementia, diabetes, candida, and chronic fatigue system and how his diet with supplements will lessen or cure them. The second half discusses the “Full Fat Fast” and “Marathon” stages of the diet a limited basis, providing almost sixty recipes.

In the first detoxing stage of the diet, two weeks are dedicated to eating specific but limited fats, proteins, dairy, beverages and condiments where five to fifteen pounds and two inches off the waistline can be shed. The second stage reintroduces complex carbohydrates that are whole vegetables, fruits and grains and is the ongoing, sustainable part of the diet.

While the book recommends eating five small meals a day, lists foods to adore and abhor, suggests eating eggs and shirataki noodles with no underground-grown vegetables, it does not go into much detail with the first stage actually being only four pages and the second stage covering about sixteen pages without all the recipes.

With a diet low in carbohydrates gaining popularity due to the twenty-one million Americans a year diagnosed with diabetes, this is one more book for ideas and recipes to lose weight and get healthy.

This book was provided by the publicist in exchange for the reader’s honest review.

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