The Puppet’s Secret

The Puppet's SecretTitle: The Puppet’s Secret
Author: Alex Samms
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1-4327-9034-9

“For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil” is taken from the Bible in Ecclesiastes 12:14. Alex Samms has written a fictional novella about a deep, hidden secret in a woman’s life in The Puppet’s Secret.

This short forty six page paperback book can be quickly read in less than an hour and leave you wondering where you stand if you were in the same twisted situation of infatuation, deception and perhaps even death. Due to the topics discussed along with the minor profanity and detailed erotic sex scenes, this tome would be rated “R” in movies so would not be recommended to teenagers or younger ages. Several punctuation and typographical errors distract the reader from the storyline.

Samms states the inspiration of this novel came from her imagination but mentions that it has undertones from her own real tales of love gone wrong from people in her life who she does not name but they know who they are. One may not know if she personally considered taking such actions in her book but it does make one think that he or she could fall victim of such feelings and actions so easily too. One has to ask if keeping a deep, dark secret is the best advice involving subduing rampant emotions, putting memories in their proper perspectives and improving relationships.

The quick story is about forty-two year old Angela, housewife, mother of three who knows she is getting older as she reflects on her own mother’s past loves and secrets. While at the beach with her husband and family, Angela notices a man who she becomes totally infatuated with, walking with a beautiful woman. The middle-aged woman seethes with anger and emotions as she obsesses that she wants this unknown man as her only true love – and she is convinced he will want her too.

Willing to easily give up home, husband and children, she cannot rid herself of her fascination and desire for someone she knows nothing about and tries to find him. Later, at the same location, she finds and follows the two lovers. Without giving away the page-turning ending of romance, suspense and acceptance, Amanda has to reconsider that she is not in control and how she is not only hurting herself in the process. Will she realize secrets hidden always have unexpected, unimaginable outcomes or will she forgive herself and accept her own downfalls and future?

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