Publish Like A Pro

Title: Publish Like The Pro
Author: Michelle DeFilippo
Publisher: 1106 Design
ISBN: 0-978-0-9854899-0

According to a top self-publishing company, the average author sells only fifty books. Michelle DeFilippo, owner of a Phoenix-based company that publishes books, assists and coaches authors and helps with all facets of writing, tries to help increase the odds of book selling in her book titled, “Publish Like the Pro ~ A Brief Guide to Quality Self-Publishing.

This seventy nine page soft cover booklet has a bright green with blue and gray design front cover and two paragraphs about the book with a short author biography on the back. There are no photographs or reviews. There is a table of contents, introduction, acknowledgements and about the author page. Besides capitalizing complete words for intended emphasis, one typographical error was noticed on page 13, ironically under the section titled: Corrections and Final Review.

This short and to the point book is broken down into six chapters which incorporate six publishing steps of cover design, manuscript editing, typesetting, proofreading, corrections / final review and digital file preparation. It mentions the pitfalls of self-publishing, marketing only one format such as an e-book, and not having a professional proof-read and edit carefully the book before it goes to print. The brief guide explains POD, publish on demand, as one good source to print only what is needed or sold (especially those at the fifty book mark) and how the industry works in regard to a first time writer.

Although DeFilippo does stress that the book needs to be well-written, well-reviewed and well-marketed, few prices or costs are mentioned in the chapter on securing an ISBN number or hiring a professional for any of the six steps listed. She does give a few websites or avenues to find a qualified liaison for each of the six steps.

The most helpful section of the book is the chapter on book distribution, pricing and marketing as it gives several ideas to promote your book via the internet, book tours, consignment shops, online web sites and blogging. However, in concluding how to be a professional at self-publishing, the possibly unaware author could be touting her own company’s services as the main answer of a full-salon start to finish resource center that the reader can use. The book is a good source for the first time author who wants to publish but unsure where to start or the steps needed to take to get his or her book out in the public eye.

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