I Feel Only You

Author: Cadence Donovan
Publisher: Cadence Donovan
ISBN: 978-1-463571585

We all live in an imperfect world, one of which sometimes we ourselves cause the imperfections. In Cadence Donovan’s I Feel Only You, the concept of accepting, forgiving and dealing with your own imperfections, mistakes and life choices rings true, especially when it pertains to others.

This three hundred and eighty-one page soft-cover book has two hands interlinked with each other against a sandy beach background on the front cover and a paragraph about the book content and short author biography with photograph on the back.

The self-published book is touted as Christian and contains no profanity but has a plethora of premarital sex, marital sex, date rape, attempted rape, and alcohol and drugs scenarios so it would not be recommended for the young adult. There are a few Bible verses and references to reading it and praying. Two typographical errors were noticed (page 98 and 169).

The story is of widowed with two young children Texan Chalice who falls in love with an upcoming Australian actor. Becoming pregnant, they marry and have an extraordinary daughter but live apart often while the husband works on movies in California. The supposed “have-it-all-together” couple go through many crises involving both of their past romantic relationships that they had kept secret from each other including a college date-rape and a psychotic girlfriend.  There is also an attempted rape, a kidnapping, cosmetic surgery, depression from insecurity, and finally an accident that produces amnesia. Due to Chalice’s belief in God, she turns to Him for answers, forgiveness and support.

Donavan’s writing style is very detailed and meticulous, to the point the reader is given too much information about the mundane or not related to the story. Characters’ dialogues are repetitive and written to explain situations that would have already been known by the relationships themselves. The smart four year old daughter is mature beyond her age by knowing everything, always obeying, commenting wisely and is a perfect child with her repeatedly mentioned IQ of one hundred and thirty five.

From a Christian stand-point, the sex scenes (including the marital ones) are too explicit, the undertone of materialism is abundant and the self-glorification by purposeful provocative dressing, club dancing and casual drinking is common.

The end of the book far exceeds the beginning and could be shortened to accentuate the purpose that God is in control but we ourselves cause most of our problems and need to confess to Him, change our ways and share with our love ones our secret sins to enjoy healthy, God-centered relationships.

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