Good People Everywhere

Author: Lynea Gillen

Illustrator: Kristina Swarner

Publisher: Three Pebble Press

ISBN: 978-0-9799289-8-7

With so many situations in the world being rushed, stressful and sometimes depressive, it is nice to see a child reading something happy, positive and uplifting in today’s society. In Lynea Gillen’s children’s book Good People Everywhere, that goal is accomplished and encouraged to young children.

This thirty two page, nine inch by nine inch glossy hard bound book has an artistic picture of many types of colorful houses among green trees on the front cover that spills on to the back cover and includes two paragraphs about the book along with a short review. In addition to the short story, there are hand-painted pictures on almost every page along with two do-it-yourself crafts at the back of the book. At the closing, there is a page dedicated to the author and illustrator, complete with photographs of each. There were no typographical or grammatical errors noticed and the book can be easily read to and understood by a three year old child or above.

This book is about people being good. Be it the farmer who plants and waters our food to those that pick it and the grocer that sells it or the people that build our houses or deliver our babies and take care of others, people are good. There is no negativity, dramatic or scary discussions or questionable topics. Gillen mentions the parent who cooks for their children or the chef who feeds the poor and needy to the young teen helping a sad boy on a playground or the first grader helping a friend who got hurt. She reiterates that all people try to be good.

With the aid of the nicely drawn, rich in color and detailed pictures by Swarner, this is a nice cozy book that can be read over and over to a young child, promoting to be helpful and kind to others around us. It fosters compatibility, teamwork and being kind as the norm and general rule and does not concentrate on negativity. The highlight of the book is the end reinforcing the reader/child will also do good things and wonders what he or she will do to be nice to others. There are also two hands-on crafts that can be made along with a website for more ideas. The crafts include drawing a community circle with names of do-gooders the child knows and a handmade “good person” award to pass out; both can be great tools to promote helping any child be good to others.

Posted July 2012:


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